"A tart of many talents" — Artemis Mourat

Bellydance with Miki Bow at The Flying Monkey!

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Join us on the second floor of the Flying Monkey in the Your Yoga space every Saturday at noon for fun and shimmies!  Basic bellydance technique, interesting music, fun classmates, and a groovy atmosphere in the FlyMo during the weekly Artist Market.  Come visit the Lowe Mill, 2211 Seminole Dr in Huntsville, Alabama for an hour of fun!  After class pick up a loaf of Fred Bread, snag some awesome clothes at Karma Rags, check out the incredible puppets at the Squeaking Tribe Puppets space, and ooh and aaah over the great artists’ work — even purchase some art for yourself!  See ya there!  Remember, class is only $15 for drop-ins and $40 for a month of class.  If you aren’t sure, but decide later, then the money have paid for drop-ins will count towards the monthly fee!

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